Thursday, May 10, 2012

In Christ - I am God's workmanship

I am God's workmanship...

Ephesians 2:10 For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

Daily World by Pastor Jack Graham - January 21, 2010

“Men are often told to “get in touch with their feminine side” in order to be more integrated and sensitive human beings. But what we really need… men and women alike… is to get in touch with our spiritual side! And Simon Peter is a great example.

“When Jesus first encountered Simon Peter, he was rough and unrefined. But in this chunk of human granite the Master Sculptor saw the world-changing potential within him. He saw a great preacher, a writer of Scripture, and the leader of the church!

“Don’t you wonder what Jesus sees in you? He’s looking at you right now, looking beyond the barrenness of a blank canvas or a piece of granite to see the promise… the artistry that His own hand can fashion in your life! Jesus sees what you will do for His kingdom when you yield yourself to His hand…His words…His ways.

“You and I are His workmanship. Jesus is working on us. We may not be there yet. Others may not see our potential, but I assure you, Jesus does!

“You can be like Simon Peter. Trust yourself to the hand of Christ Jesus and let Him reveal the glorious potential of your life transformed by His love.


“BUT – what if I walk away from Him?”  “What if I turn my back and give up on what He’s been creating in my life?  Is it too late for me?”  Those are questions I’ve asked – and I have to tell you with CONFIDENCE that the answer is NO – He hasn’t given up on you and it’s not too late to let Him create something beautiful out of your life!  When I came to this realization – that I could come back to God and He could still use me – it was revolutionary!  It’s one thing to believe a “great sinner” who never knew the Lord could be used by Him – but someone who knew Him – walked with Him – served in His name – that’s another story, right?  WRONG!  When I really “got” that truth it changed everything!  I know that God’s perfect will wasn’t what happened in my life – and I’ll never know what He would have done in creating His masterpiece had I chosen obedience instead of rebellion – but I DO know that what He is creating now is JUST as beautiful and JUST as valuable – and I’m choosing to rest in that! 

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