Thursday, November 15, 2012

In Christ - I am the temple of the Holy Spirit

Joni and Friends/June 3, 2010

"One of my favorite summertime activities is to tent camp. There's nothing like a campfire in the morning when you get up. And the smell of those sizzling eggs and bacon... yum.

"Shortly after breakfast my husband, Ken, will let the fire die down. Then, at suppertime, Ken has to start the fire again. But this is an economical man. Instead of starting from scratch, Ken will poke the coals, searching for the tiniest spark of life. Sure enough, way down in the ashes there will usually be a glowing coal left over from the morning campfire. He nurtures it with dry grass and leaves until it's roaring once again. It seems that no matter how small the spark or how dim the flicker, Ken can bring a fire back to life.

"It's the same with the Spirit of Christ in our lives. Sometimes the spark may be small, but if there is the tiniest ember, the slightest hint of obedience in our Christian life, it's not too late to be revived.
God has given us light, knowledge, and a new heart. He has given you and me grace and a new nature -- and he has deprived us of every excuse if we do not live for his praise. So, if we are not holy, whose fault is it but our own? If we do not appear sanctified, who can we blame but ourselves?

"How about you? Do you feel the ashes smoldering, even if faintly? Do you sense life within, even if feeble? Nurture it. Gently fan the spark - follow through on the nudge to obey, spend a little time in prayer, revive yourself in God's Word. Don't neglect the grace, the heart, and the new nature God has given you. Poke around and get the fire of the Spirit going in your life."

There was always to be light in God’s temple – it was the job of a specific family from the tribe of Levi to make sure that the lights burned through the night. Our God is a God of light – and light exposes things that the darkness hides. Maybe that’s why some of us are drawn to the darkness – we don’t want our sins to be discovered. BUT – if you are a true child of God there’s NO hiding from HIS light! There will always be a small ember burning somewhere in our spirit – and just as Ken could coax life back into a campfire, the Spirit is able to fan that ember into "red-hot sold out living for Jesus" – if we let Him. When we come to God – on HIS terms – we become HIS – forever! WE are His temple now – not a building of sticks and stones, mortar and cement – but a living, breathing temple where the Spirit of God resides, just as He did in Solomon’s temple. Keep your light burning brightly – experience His presence – and His power – every moment of every day! Sharon

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